About Bryant Rollins

Bryant is a former Editor with The New York Times, and was a reporter and political columnist with The Boston Globe, where he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He was Executive Editor with The New York Amsterdam News.

Bryant has more than 30 years experience as a consultant on diversity, management and organizational effectiveness with Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, Federal, state, and local government and community-based organizations. He is widely published, bringing skills in analytical and narrative writing to his work.

Bryant worked with the Ford Foundation, administering a program for minority journalists at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He began consulting, training and writing on issues of race relations and diversity during the Civil Rights Movement in Boston, New York and Mississippi. He holds a BA in Journalism from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

He is the author of the novel, Danger Song, co-author of entertainer Cab Calloway’s autobiography, Minnie the Moocher and Me, Within, a self-published book of poetry, and his most recent novel, Vera Pilgrim and the Ritual of the Dolphins.

In 1968 he co-scripted RIOT!, which won a OBIE award as the best off-Broadway play of the year.

He is also author of numerous articles on race relations and human differences.

He and Shirley Stetson, his wife and business partner, have worked in domestic and international business environments as consultants for 30 years.


Photo from Danger Song dust jacket.

Photo from Minnie the Moocher dust jacket.

Photo taken during the late 1970's when he was Executive Editor at The New York Amsterdam News and an Editor at The New York Times.

Photo from Within back cover.

Photo from Vera Pilgrim back cover.

Articles about Bryant

Here is an article from New York Magazine on the Black Leadership Establishment in 1979.
New York's Black Establishment
(Bryant's photo is on page 48 of the article, and the description is on page 49.)

Here is an article from Black Enterprise Magazine about Bryant's work running the minority journalism program at Columbia University in 1974.
Showdown on Morningside Heights
(The section of the article featuring him starts a few pages down.)